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911 Call for Rapture

Unraveled Ecstasy
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Gloria E.
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Enchanted by her tantalizing beauty and sex appeal, his eyes remained fastened at her direction as his bulge gradually appeared against his pants.
Rapture permeated throughout their bodies sending them both to a raging orgasmic blast of fireworks and a mutually high-pitch scream.

His perception of his most prized possession was his giant-size cucumber-like pipe with plumbing power pump-ability.

She temporarily lost herself in rapture with her pupils rolled inward in total euphoria.

Comment est ma chatte?

The aforementioned excerpts only sum up a few sensual sensation delineated in this riveting romance novel. As depicted on the front cover, the profile of the sultress is none other than that of Ariah Sinclair, a hot-blooded and free-spirited supreme beauty no, wait a minute, a super banging hot marketing executive and an entrepreneur from New York City. She finds herself enthralled with Vincent Frowler, a tall and cool drink of water with a distinctive larger than life presence and characteristics typical of an alpha male endowed with prominence and eminence, enticing thirsty women into lustful salivation. Ironically, raised by his father in Sullivan Countys Monticello, New York, Vincent, from childhood in insipidity of character, inadvertently assimilates his fathers principles of misogyny. This pervades his life, making him treat any woman he meets with suspicion and prejudice. Cold hearted and cynical, the wealthy architect turned real estate mogul lives for his work and presents an icy persona that is bone-chilling and intense enough to put hell out of business. Despite his apathy, Ariah embarks on a relationship with him but soon discovers that her, once, sizzling life may never be the same again with Vincent Frowler taking center stage in it. Intriguing chain of events, thereafter, ensue as the ice prince attempts to turn the warm hearted beauty queen into an ice queen. Eventually, Ariahs quest for rapture unravels as her relationship with Vincent endures some serious nerve-racking challenges. The status quo may lift the distrust embedded in Vincents frozen psyche or it may dissolve their connection forever, leaving one of them in a lovers remorse and the other in a myriad of torrid and sensational sexcapades of epic proportions.

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