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From Nowhere

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Jon Hooks
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Adobe Digital Editions
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When Brad Ford meets the beautiful and engaging Susan Coble while attending Wake Forest, he never imagines that one day she will marry him, bear him a son, and watch him play in the U.S. Open. As he heads to the first hole with his caddie, Brads hand trembles as he places the ball on the tee. By the time he reaches the fifth hole, he has no idea he is leading the tournament. There is no question Brad is having the greatest day of his life as he unexpectedly wins the Open. Unfortunately, that is all about to change.
Just as he enters the scoring tent, Brad receives horrifying news: his wife and son have been murdered before they can reach the Open to watch him win. As Brad attempts to come to grips with his new reality, he spirals downward into darkness that seems to place happiness out of his reach forever. But when a chance encounter eventually forces Brad to take a hard look at himself, he must decide whether he has the strength to move from nowhere into a new beginning.

From Nowhere shares the poignant tale of one mans journey from the pinnacle of success to the depths of despair after a family tragedy changes the course of his life.

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