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Get Your Travel On!

Five Keys to Pursuing Your Travel Dreams
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Taryn White
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Time or money should never be considered a barrier to pursuing travel dreams. With a little effort and planning, there are countless ways to see the world. In her comprehensive travel book, seasoned traveler Taryn White shares five easy steps and a multitude of practical tips that will help American travelers develop a personal vacation plan, choose the right, budget-friendly destination, and enjoy peace of mind while visiting exciting sites around the world. White relies on her vast travel experiences to lead future vacationers on a step-by-step process that provides valuable tips on how to: select an ideal seasonal destination; develop a trip wish list; conduct research to find the best deal; pack the right items; compare travel insurance options; and prepare adequately for each trip. Get Your Travel On! is a complete guide that shares advice, tools, and tips that will make travel easier for anyone ready to take a break from day-to-day stress and satisfy their wanderlust.

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