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Justice in the Land of the Midnight Sun

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Michael Kryder
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Alaska has its own kind of justiceone outsiders might not understand. Dave Warren lives in this wild country. Hes a determined man, a tough man, who can stare a hole right through a person. His trusty companion is Beardog, half-wolf and half- Labrador, and together, they work to protect their neighbors and land.
Dave and Beardog are surrounded by a cast of loyal characters who stick close to Alaskas unwritten laws. Red is one of them. Hes the leading law enforcement officer in the entire State of Alaska and has a duty to uphold the law, but his laws arent like normal laws. His laws are according to Mother Nature, who likes seeing justice done right.

The people of Alaska dont have an affinity for social games or politics. Their lives seem ordinary, built on strong family values and loving pets. They share a familiarity and closeness with their native wilderness, and visitors do well to understandstep out of line and these ordinary people might just sit back and watch you die.

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