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Getting Naked to Get Free

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J. Frederika
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It took years for J. Frederika to finally realize she had to get naked in order to become free of her painful past. Getting naked meant she had to acknowledge and share secrets, have difficult conversations, and examine the impact sexual abuse still had on her life. The good news is that during this season of forgiveness and healing, Frederika rediscovered and embraced her voice and purpose.
Throughout her first collection of poetry, Frederika provides a raw and honest glimpse of her journey through the pain of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and mental illness. While providing a stinging portrait of a life wrapped in shame, Frederika bravely shares her firsthand experiences through lyrical stories of exploitation and healing, injustice and hope, and love and loss. Transparent and provocative, Frederika invites others on her journey as she peels away layers and discovers freedom.

Getting Naked to Get Free shares a raw and vulnerable collection of poetry that highlights a young womans journey as she learns to speak her truth and move beyond her painful past.

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