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Buried Alive

Poems from a Dead Man’S Perspective
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Warren Stuckey
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Have you ever wondered whether it was possible for someone who has committed the worst act one human can take against another to be redeemed?
In this collection of poetry, author Warren Stuckey explores that question. He presents the real story of someone who beat the odds, never realizing that his ingrained psychosis was intentionally orchestrated. These verses reveal how a persons streets, family, friends, and enemies all play crucial roles in determining what he or she is capable of doing. In the end, however, each person must carry his or her load; that is where the blame stops and the change occurs. The mind can reboot itself when light and wisdom are found. In these poems, Stuckey seeks to reach out to people where they are, in whatever lives they have chosen, and let them know that their lives matter.

This collection of poetry offer a reflection on the trials one man has faced in his life with the intention of helping others see and understand themselves for who they truly are.

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