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When Jesus Sat Down to Teach

The Sermon on the Mount
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Stanley A. Fry
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Often the teachings about Jesuswho he was and what he does for usovershadow the teachings of Jesus about how to live our lives. Many of his teachings were grouped together in chapters five through seven of the Gospel of Matthew, commonly called The Sermon on the Mount.
In When Jesus Sat Down to Teach, author Stanley A. Fry offers a collection of sermons that show the life-changing vision Jesus taught and modeled. He brings a fresh look to answering the following questions:

What was the connection between Jesus and St. Paul?
What did Jesus ask his followers to do?
What was Jesus trying to accomplish?
What did Jesus teach about the Kingdom of God?
How did the Christian churches get their doctrines?

Based on the Sermon on the Mount, Fry describes how Jesuss teachings thrust the foundation of most of modern Christendom out the door and replace it with Jesuss own program for the Kingdom of God. Seeking to inform and challenge, When Jesus Sat Down to Teach provides a clearer understanding of what Jesus was calling upon the people to do and it clarifies what Jesus believed about the coming of the Kingdom of God and the meaning of his death.

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