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The Abandonment of Me

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Catherine M. Clifton
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Maya Davenport is a driven pastry chef whose brand, Davenports Sweet Cakes, has become a major household name. Although she is finally reaching the pinnacle of professional success, her love life is nonexistent until, the night she encounters the infamous Julian Foster.
Foster, a handsome and charming attorney has his sights set on Maya, who immediately recognizes his play boy tendencies. After several encounters, Maya cannot help but begin to fall for the smart, sexy, and funny Julian. But soon after, a horrific lie leaves Maya heartbroken, alone, and on the search for Mr. Right once again. As she moves from one romantic escapade to another, Maya becomes disenchanted with dating and elects to throw caution to the wind by seeking companionship over a relationship. Unfortunately with her decision come consequences that will nearly destroy her and leave her wondering if she will ever find her happily ever after.

In this contemporary romance tale, a woman on a journey to find Mr. Right, faces doubt, dejection, and deceit and the aftermaths of her decisions will have her questioning everything she ever knew about love.

Catherine M. Clifton is the author of Poems from a Dreamer and Love Me. Clifton and her husband are both military veterans who currently reside in the state of Georgia.

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