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Affairs of a Dog Man

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Albert Gordon
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At a young age, Grew Tuckett turns to dogs for companionship. Born blind in one eye, he lives his whole life a bit differently from those around him.
As a young man, he is a bit nave about women; when a young lady named Marilyn befriends him, he is excitedeven though he soon learns she is already pregnant by someone else. In the midst of the pregnancy, Grew finds himself drawn to another woman, a brief entanglement that ends as quickly as it begins. Meanwhile, after Marilyn gives birth and gives the baby up for adoption, she and Grew marry and start a kennel and dog-breeding business. But their lives are not without conflict. As they engage in separate affairs, their conflicts and emotions bubble overuntil a battle with cancer changes their lives forever.

This novel follows the life of a young man and his questionable life decisions as he learns about sex, love, and coping with the end of relationships.

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