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Life in Between

A Collection of Poems and Photographs
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Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte
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Life has become a balance between mourning, the creative flow that it brings, and playful living when the sun shines once again.
In this authentic collection of poetry from author Maria Pisciotta-DellaPorte, you will discover a range of subject matter that subtly shapes a complete picture. From love and heartache to family nostalgia, from mysticism to the spiritual and omnipotent. This is a literary experience that will break your heart, shock, and then heal you once again with the addition of hope.

The Pancake takes a tender look back in time. In Wings, fly free of all that encumbers. In Admittedly, explore the depths of wrath and eventual escape. Meanwhile, lose yourself in imagery that is delightful, tantalizing, and even provocative, accompanied by fine art photography.

Pisciotta-DellaPortes words allow for a poignant journey through life experiences and dreamy desire. In her poetry, find a therapeutic tool for understanding the complexity of human feeling and come away altered, courageous, and open to a world of love without fear.

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