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The Ipinions Journal

Commentaries on the Global Events of 2015—Volume Xi
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Anthony Livingston Hall
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Anthony L. Hall takes aim at the global events of 2015 with a unique and refreshing perspective. Here are some topics in this eleventh volume of his writings:Migrants dying in Mediterranean Sea
Admonishing migrants not to flee conditions so dire is like telling occupants not to flee a house on fire.
Narcissism of tweeting condolences
The expression of such sentiments these days is intended more to draw attention to the person tweeting them than to comfort the person (who should be) receiving them.
Only authoritarian regimes can govern Arab countries
Show me an Arab country governed by a democratically elected government and Ill show you one that is an ungovernable mess.
Putin as worlds most powerful leader
Hailing a despot like Vladimir Putin as the most powerful politician in the world makes about as much sense as hailing a drug lord like Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn as the most powerful businessman.
The mess in the Middle East
Its complicated; which explains why cocksure, warmongering neo-conswho goaded Bush into invading Iraqare the only ones criticizing Obama for not having simple military strategy for dealing with the mess in the Middle East. Youd never know that these are the same folks who stirred up the hornets nest of sectarian violence the world has been trying in vain to contain ever since.
Black women dominating swimming championships
Black women cant swim? They used to say white men cant jump. Ha!

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