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The Paradigm Shift of Elizabeth Ann

Volume Two: the Elizabeth Ann Trilogy
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J. Nichols Mowery
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Three women look alike. They were each born with the same name. Yet, somehow, during childhood, they broke apart and became three separate women, existing in different dimensions. This first of June marks the second year that the three parallel lives of Elizabeth Ann come together to meet at the adjoined tables over the golden stone.

At this particular juncture, Liz Day, Beth Anderson, and Eliza Staples come together to relate the adventures that have occurred since their last meeting. Liz tells of finding Kip at the north cliffs, Beth announces the arrival of Dr. Lucy Wong, and Eliza shares a terrible tragedy, each with their eye to the summer solstice, when the universe alignsas do parallel lives.

In the weeks that follow, the women are both thrilled and dumbfounded by new dimensions they discover as well as, shockingly, new versions of themselves. On the day of the much-anticipated summer solstice, the women say goodbye to one of their own and wonder what to expect in the coming year, whether it holds refreshing, new realizations or unknown disaster.

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