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Darkness Visible

The Book of Lilith
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Priscilla McGreer
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Lilith is a figure of enigma and myth. Historically, her first appearance in literature seems to be medieval Jewish folklore, where she is considered the first wife of Adam, although there are hints she was once a Sumerian goddess. Lilith represents one of the most ancient archetypes: the dark feminine who awakens to correct serious errors among humanity.Darkness Visible is a collection of poems, written through the voice of Lilith, but also a critique of patriarchal society. In the first part, she addresses prominent historical, mythological, and literary male cultural heroes from the last few thousand years. In the second part, female figures address Lilith and share their wisdom, guidance, and strength.
Sometimes, it is necessary to destroy in order to build up, like Mother Earth through volcanic eruption. Now is the time. The ancient spirit of Lilith has been reawakened, summoned into the light of modern society. Although her words refer to oldeven ancientfigures, it does so in order to address contemporary issues before its too late.

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