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Still Waters

An Exploration of Grief and Recovery
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Mike Cieminski
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Michael! Michael! Listen closely! Lisa and Molly didnt make it!
They didnt make it!

From the moment author Mike Cieminski heard those words, his life was turned upside down. He was lost and confused and didnt think he could move past the pain. He was an ordinary man faced with extraordinary circumstances, feeling helpless and lifeless. In Still Waters, he recalls how he and his six-year-old son had to learn to live again following the death of Mikes wife and daughter. Together, the two take turns carrying each other through the darkness of sorrow while searching for a place of peace. Knowing they were not alone in their pain helped illuminate their first real sense of hope and provided the courage to take a step into the darkness, trusting and seeing that each step lit the way for the ones ahead.

This memoir and exploration of grief presents the initial journey through grief of one man and his son as their new life unfolds after a tremendous loss.

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