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Vital Signs

Monitoring Your Spiritual Health
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Harley Ihm
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Vital Signs: How to Monitor Your Spiritual Health turns to the passage in Johns gospel in which Jesus prays to His Father, asking that His followers know unity with one another in their love for God. Author Harley Ihm finds in this prayer for unity the inspiration for uncovering five vital signs that indicate ones spiritual health. He describes the signs that point to the spiritual vitality of ones heart, vision, mind, body, and community.
Vital Signs devotes a chapter to each of these five signs of spiritual vitality, drawing upon key biblical passages, theological insights from the traditions of the church, and reflective observations rooted in contemporary events. Accompanying the discussion of the five vital signs are eleven steps for creating a plan for spiritual health. These supplementary guides are suitable for either individual or group use. They take the books insights as the starting points for developing plans to enable one to work out an approach for cultivating and maintaining spiritual health.

No matter where you find yourself in your spiritual journey, Vital Signs: How to Monitor Your Spiritual Health can provide you with a refreshing look at the hope and promise of true health that flows from Jesuss prayer and desires for His people. By taking stock of your vital signs, you can understand more clearly your current spiritual health and then make and carry out a plan for improving your spiritual fitness.

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