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Walking in the Shadows

And the Heir
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SANDY is a professional pianist who is doing his best to recover after the loss of his entire family amidst mysterious circumstances. As he muddles through his days, his mind aches. He contemplates joining his family. He drinks Jack Daniels with the hope it will numb the pain. But then suddenly at his lowest ebb, the beautiful and wealthy Sarah Jane reappears in his life. Is she the answer to his prayers or his worst nightmare?
Prior to making his final vows, a man of God becomes smitten with a beautiful nurse. Torn between service to God and his familys honour, he is driven by an inexplicable compulsion to be with her in ways that are not conducive to his priestly pathway. As he sees all the things that were once forbidden to him become possible, the man decides to create his own path in life. But will he really be able to create a dynasty in the face of religious and familial opposition?

Walking in the Shadows and The Heir are two short tales whose leading characters both face a crossroads in their lives where fate overrides every decision

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