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A Bicycle Without a Chain

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Brent Kitching
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Adobe Digital Editions
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A Bicycle Without A Chain is the story of David Kingsley's ill-fated pursuit of the American dream. As he powerfully pedals up Mount Success, chasing after athletic fame and material prosperity, the chain suddenly snaps. Denied a place in society that he once imagined was easily attainable, Kingsley suddenly finds his life path unexpectedly circuitous. Over the course of several years he surrenders his veil of invincibility, a foolish posturing that had stripped him of his humanity. He manages to come to terms with his vulnerability as he seeks to understand the complicated nature of evil.
In time he learns to transform his suffering into grace. In becoming a more compassionate, loving person, he is reunited with his soul. While cultivating the still point of his inner garden, Kingsley reaches ever-higher levels of consciousness and the heartfelt conviction that each human being is a very small part of a powerful, sacred energy. No longer obsessed with appearing to be a "winner," he effortlessly coasts into the moment with his heart wide open, living as if perched on the doorstep of eternity. Can a person find a better way of experiencing the gifts available to everyone?

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