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Tears of the Midnight Sun

Last Night for Romance
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LeRoy Hewitt Jr.
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TEARS OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN, is the eighth book written by LEROY HEWITT, JR. Among the other books written by him, includes a number of top sellers, such as: Mystic Eyes of Twilight, Jewels of the Red Dawn, Captured in Mystery, and True Persuasion.
This wonderful book, Tears of the Midnight Sun. Is just as exciting, and captivating as the previous books written by LeRoy Hewitt, Jr. Taking you into a fascinating world of adventure. Expressed through explosive short stories, and gripping story poems as never before.

Revealed in poetic format, based in part on real life situations. Intertwined, and blending with factual and fictional events that will set your mind aglow. With tales of love, mystery, crime, and betrayal. Whereby some of the names have been changed for reason of privacy.

Once you read this exceptional book, or any other written by LeRoy. It can stimulate the magic in your imagination, as if sweet music for your mind. Putting you center stage for enchanting moments of excitement and intrigue.

If you like being at the center of attention, to feel the excitement as you read. This is the book you must own, that makes reading so much fun for everyone. The book that gives to you, TEARS OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN.

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