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Letters to My Youngins

Pivotal Moments in My Twenties of Life, Death, and Realization
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Natasha P. Ellis
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Natasha, an idealist from humble beginnings, has reached the third decade of her life: the twenties. Traveling through this time capsule revealed her idealistic perspective as well as the layers of her strengths and weaknesses. More than anything, she wanted to experience life outside of the life she knew.This memoir delves into the time span of a young woman experiencing the intricacies, pains, and joys of her twenties. This decade, while seemingly long, moves as quickly as the clock changes time. Ellis narrates how she experiences failure, defeat, devaluation, and at the very end, restoration. Self-love, self-respect, and self-preservation were re-introduced to her at the close of this life chapter.
A straddle between idealism and realism, Letters to My Youngins allows one to imagine the ropes of revitalization, and through vivid imagery, offers a front-row seat into the experiences that shaped this young womans life forever.
In some instances, Natasha envisions her own mortality. Do you think shell try and reach for it?

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