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A Novel
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Kyle C. Fitzharris
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50 years ago, in Beirut, the city called the Paris of the MIDDLE East, three boys swore an oath of allegiance and alliance. Swore to protect and support each other, no matter what the world would throw at them.
20 years ago, as successful businessmen and world class hunters, their loyalty and friendship
strengthened by the bond of time, they meet to create and promote a revolutionary idea: Hunt down
any animal, no matter how endangered, and yet at the same time, still preserve and protect the species.
They create their club, but in the process, they also create a secret.

Now, their idea has flourished into a worldwide club, but there is a good chance, their secret is going to kill them, as well as all of those they love. Unless one man, retired from the FBI to a backwater sheriffs badge in Wyoming, can figure out who has twisted their secret into his own deadly game.

I think, when you invite men to hunt men, you really shouldnt be surprised when they start to hunt YOU

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