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Memoir of a Second Marriage in a Digital World

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Paul Jazzy
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When Lukes wife died in 2006, Luke struggled with loneliness and depression. He day-traded stocks and regularly visited casinos to escape world realities. Julies husband died in 2005, and she became a widow at a young age. In early 2008, Luke became bored with being a widower and signed up for an online dating service. Thats when he met Julie.
In Memoir of a Second Marriage in a Digital World, author Paul Jazzy offers a fictionalized memoir, narrating the story of Luke and Julie as they meet later in life, live together, get married, and share a host of experiences. It tells how, externally, their marriage seemed like it was made in heaven. But internally, problems developed and the couple eventually divorced.

Memoir of a Second Marriage in a Digital World offers an inside look into Lukes and Julies relationship, one that started on the Internet. It tells how one couple, both experiencing second marriages, tried finding love again.

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