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Flying on Fabric

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Marc Rossi
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Adobe Digital Editions
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As if being thirteen is not hard enough, Ann Wilson has just moved to Indiantown where she knows no one. One day while on a dare from some rambunctious boys, Ann sneaks into a crop dusters hangar to steal something. After she nabs a rusty screwdriver, Ann mistakenly thinks she has been successfuluntil the cantankerous old crop duster, Jack, catches her in the act, causing Ann to accidentally damage his plane while making her great escape.
With help from the police, Jack demands that Ann repay the damage by working at his hangar. After Ann reluctantly shows up for her punishment, she learns that his son died in World War II and that Jack blames himself for his death. But when the ornery boys return to crime scene to inquire if Ann was caught, she is too proud to admit it and impulsively tells them she is at the hanger for flying lessons. As Ann discovers the wonders of aviation, only time will tell if she can convince Jack to overcome his grief and help her fulfill her dream.

Flying on Fabric is the engaging story of a teenagers determined quest to learn how to fly, but only if a grouchy crop duster finds it in his heart to teach her.

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