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One Incredible Adventure!
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George Haynes
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StewardshipOne Incredible Adventure! invites its readers to immerse themselves in an energetically motivated, biblically grounded, and eminently practical exploration of stewardship. The author, George Haynes, tapping into years of service as a Lutheran pastor and a respected authority on stewardship ministry, notes that stewardship means so much more than just focusing on money, although that is what many people commonly hold to be the truth. As he writes, That is like holding one piece of a 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle and exclaiming with great authority, Here is the whole picture, the complete puzzle!
In a series of six brief sections that combine Bible study and meditation, leavened with thought-provokers and discussion-starters, StewardshipOne Incredible Adventure! keeps its focus on one single purpose: empowering and encouraging the reader to embark on a life-changing adventure, living as the kind of steward God desires.

When you spend time in the pages of StewardshipOne Incredible Adventure!, you will find new insights into stewardship, you will will develop a firmer grasp of its meaning for your life, and you will grow increasingly appreciative of the incredible power of biblically informed stewardship to broaden your vision both of Gods plans for his creation and of your place in it.

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