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The Last True Merlin of Britain

A Memoir
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Laura Embrey
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Aurelion Emrys is a boy who has felt a deep sense of responsibility and purpose from the time he can remember. Although he grows up beside his best friend, Rose, he lives mostly apart from other children as an observer. Aurelion, who spends his days listening to the earth speak her mysteries, can also see straight into the souls of others. Simply put, the boy is special.
After nine winters, Aurelion reluctantly accepts his destiny as the next Merlin and prepares to leave his childhood, mother, and beloved Rose behind. Led by his own visions and his fathers wisdom, Aurelion embarks on a heros journey to Eriu the Magical Isle where he is initiated, becomes immersed in relationships with Arthur and his family, and greets his destiny from another life. But when Aurelion, now considered the wisest man in the world, suffers a betrayal at the hands of his pupil, he suddenly leaves the court. Has he truly disappeared or is he fulfilling another destiny that legend simply failed to record?

The Last True Merlin of Britain reveals the fascinating story of a heros voyage through real and spiritual landscapes as he attempts to satisfy his role in the Arthurian legends.

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