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A Most Improbable Adventure

Overland from Mexico City to Panama City
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Jason Thiessen
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Forty-one-year-old Jason Thiessen was a recently unemployed husband and father of two young boys. During a time when he should have been acting responsibly and being realistic, he did what many thought was reckless and foolhardy. He traveled to Central America and made his way overland from Mexico City to Panama City, with virtually no plan.
Rather than succumb to the fears of others, he followed his heart and the wise guidance of his ever-supportive wife and took off on an adventure through one of the worlds most dangerous, yet beautiful, and often overlooked geographies. He was typically twice as old as the travelers he encountered but he also met and teamed up with others in his own age group.

With heart, humour, wit, and edginess, Thiessen shares his travel stories in A Most Improbable Adventure. He tells how he ventured through Central America to explore, to expand his mind and spirit, to take advantage of a gift that was given him, and, ultimately, to seek fulfillment.

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