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The Invisible Four

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David B. McKinney
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Lien Phan Birchfield is the son of a Vietnamese mother and American soldier who is missing in action. Lien has never met his father, but is guided by a letter from him, written eighteen years earlier in the Vietnam jungle. Hes always been a bit of an outsider, and as a new freshman at Bayou City College in Houston, Lien feels invisible.
Hes not alone in his predicament, however. He has Toby, his happy-go-lucky roommate and ROTC cadet. Theres Chara type A go-getter with few friends. Prof. K is an ex-GI, Harley-riding journalism instructor and mentor. Together, these four unlikely friends form a bond that is unbreakable, willing to stand up to formidable adversaries.

As a team, they use their skills and intuition to go after a well-oiled ROTC machine that scams the trusting public of donations meant for charity. Surrounded by thoughts of his father, Lien and the other Invisibles track a corrupt and narcissistic army ROTC commandant and his band of operatives. Working against deadly odds, the four friends dont feel so invisible anymore.

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