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Human Limits and Common Bonds

Personal and Interpersonal Realities, Illusions, and Myths
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Ron Dudick
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The first part of this book is an analysis. It is the breaking down of personal and interpersonal, social and psychological experiences and events into their component parts. It begins with a discussion of individuality and uniqueness. The following chapter is about personal and interpersonal deeds, and how surface differences so often blur their similarities, identities, and limits. The next chapter about words addresses how we use them to inform and enlighten, and abuse them to mislead, deceive, and create those many myths and illusions of greater human diversity and complexity than truly exists. Followng that is the chapter about unobservables, their similarities, identities, and limits, and how we know about what goes on inside of one another. The concluding two chapters are about the similarities, identities, and limits of personal and interpersonal situations and circumstances, human predictability and how and why we are all far more predictable than most of us are willing to acknowledge and admit.The second part of this work is a synthesis. In the chapters are discussed the many different surface faces and forms of those things defined and discussed in part one. It includes chapters about societies, law and order, chaos and tyranny, corruption and collapse, technology, the social sciences, normalcy and deviance, beliefs and theories, and the whats and whys of their similarities, identities, limits, nobilities and ignobilitys. The final two chapters, therapies I and II, addresses individual and collective actions, reactions, interactions, options and alternatives.

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