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The Derelict House

Elephants in My Garden
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Lesley Cripps Thomson
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Elephants breaking down walls, a hyena sharing a fire with the night guard to keep warm, hippos fighting, armless monkeys bringing their young to be admired by the authorthis book is a kaleidoscope of wild animals, strange and often eccentric tourists, the trails and tribulations of running a poorly equipped lodge in a remote wilderness area, and the laughter and tears of working with and living alongside staff from a different background and culture.
Written with great compassion, this is Lesley Cripps Thomsons story of how she forges a bond with staff who do not want to be told what to do or how to do it by a woman and the hardships they have to live with, including illness and poverty. She tells of the good times they have and how, in a crisis, they all pull together.

In The Derelict House, Lesley Cripps Thomson vividly conveys the fun and the frustrations of living and working in the African bush. Enlivened by the many characters who pepper the pages, her book also paints a colourful picture of the wildlife scene. For those who aspire to sample wild Africa for the first time, and for those who have already fallen under its spell, this is an excellent read. For myself, it has been a pleasure to encounter a book so evocative of the Africa I have come to love.
Douglas Willis, FRGS, FRSGS (Scotland)
Running a lodge in the African bush means not only exotic wildlife but also eccentric human life. A vivid and engaging read.
William Saunderson-Meyer - Sunday Times, South Africa

I loved The Derelict House it brought back fond memories of my own time in The Luangwa Valley and the characters and wildlife really are true to form Julie Croucher, Travel With Jules UK

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