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Michelle Obama

First Lady, American Rhetor
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Elizabeth J. Natalle
Communicating Gender
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Michelle Obama: First Lady, American Rhetor explores the rhetoric of Michelle Obama through rhetorical and cultural analysis. Given its interdisciplinary approach, this edited collection is useful for graduate courses in communication studies, as well as other fields of study where first lady scholarship is the focus. Concepts such as brand, rhetorical strategy, ethos, persona, audience, black feminist theory, and race history are integral to this insightful contribution.
Michelle Obama: First Lady, American Rhetor is an edited anthology that explores the persona and speech-making of the country’s first African American first lady. The result of these thought-provoking essays is an interdisciplinary text that explores the First Lady from a rhetorical and cultural point of view. Authors analyze her Democratic National Convention speeches, her brand as First Lady, her communication from her latest trip to Africa, her agenda rhetoric in Let’s Move! and Reach Higher, and her coming out as a Black feminist intellectual when she spoke at Maya Angelou’s memorial service. Readers will recognize Michelle Obama as a rhetor of our times—a woman who influences America at the intersections of gender, race, and class and who is representative of what women are today.
Part I: Theorizing America’s First African American First Lady

Chapter 1: A New First Lady for America
Elizabeth J. Natalle and Jenni M. Simon
Chapter 2: Conventional and Unconventional Rhetorical Strategies in Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Addresses
ammy R. Vigil
Chapter 3: First Lady Brand in the Epideictic Rhetoric of Michelle Obama
Jeanne M. Persuit and Deborah A. Brunson

Part II: The Rhetor and The Agendas

Chapter 4: Michelle Obama’s Ethos and
Let’s Move!
Elizabeth J. Natalle
Chapter 5: Michelle Obama Speaking in Africa on Education, Family, and the African Legacy
Trudy L. Hanson and Enyonam Osei-Hwere
Chapter 6: Michelle Obama Reaching Higher to Lead and Serve Community
Jenni M. Simon
Part III: Redefining the Boundaries of First Lady Scholarship
Chapter 7: Black Feminist Reflections on Michelle Obama’s Tribute to Maya Angelou,
Rachel Alicia Griffin

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