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Rethinking the Enlightenment

Between History, Philosophy, and Politics
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Geoff Boucher
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Rethinking the Enlightenment connects new work in intellectual history with fresh understandings of Continental philosophy and political theory. The collection bridges the disciplinary divides between the Enlightenment as understood in history, philosophy, and politics and moves towards a critical self-understanding of the present.
One of the most persistent, troubling, and divisive of the ideological divisions within modernity is the struggle over the Enlightenment and its legacy. Much of the difficulty is owed to a general failure among scholars to consider how history, philosophy, and politics work together. Rethinking the Enlightenment bridges these disciplinary divides. Recent work by historians has now called into question many of the clichés that still dominate scholarly understandings of the Enlightenment’s literary, philosophical, and political culture. Yet this work has so far had little impact on the reception of the Enlightenment, its key players, debates, and ideas in the disciplines that most rely on its legacy, namely, philosophy and political science. Edited by Geoff Boucher and Henry Martyn Lloyd, Rethinking the Enlightenment makes the case for connecting new work in intellectual history with fresh understandings of ‘Continental’ philosophy and political theory. In doing so, in this collection moves towards a critical self-understanding of the present.
1: What is it to Rethink the Enlightenment?
Henry Martyn Lloyd

2: Contemporary Political Theory as an Anti-Enlightenment Project
Dennis C. Rasmussen

3: What of All the Others? On Recovering the Enlightenment
Matthew Sharpe

4: What Sort of Question Was Kant Answering When He Answered the Question: “What Is Enlightenment?”?

James Schmidt

5: Catharine Macaulay as Critic of Hume
Karen Green

6: The Principled Enlightenment: Condillac, d’Alembert and Principle Minimalism
Peter R. Anstey

7: Reason and Rationality within the “Enlightenment of Sensibility”; Or, Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, and French Philosophy’s First “Linguistic Turn”
Henry Martyn Lloyd

8: Knowing Otherwise: An Ethics of Feeling
Daniel Brewer

9: Emotional Enlightenment: Kant on Love and the Beautiful
Marguerite La Caze

10: A Road Not Taken: Critical Theory after Dialectic of Enlightenment
Geoff Boucher

11: The Enlightenment: A Signifier of “Western Values”?
Genevieve Lloyd

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