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Sri Chaitanya’s Life and Teachings

The Golden Avatara of Divine Love
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Steven Rosen
Explorations in Indic Traditions: Theological, Ethical, and Philosophical
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This book focuses on one of the greatest saint/avat?ras of all time: ?r? Chaitanya Mah?prabhu. This charismatic religious leader popularized song and dance as a yogic science and conveyed teachings as relevant today as they were in his native Bengal some five hundred years ago. This is the story of how his message spread throughout the world.
Tucked away in ancient Sanskrit and Bengali texts is a secret teaching, a blissful devotional (bhakti) tradition that involves sacred congregational chanting (k?rtana), mindfulness practices (japa, smara?am), and the deepening of one’s relationship with God (rasa). Brought to the world’s stage by ?r? Chaitanya Mah?prabhu (1486–1533), and fully documented by his immediate followers, the Six Gosw?m?s of Vrind?van, these unprecedented teachings were passed down from master to student in Gau??ya Vaishnava lineages. The Golden Avat?ra of Love: ?r? Chaitanya’s Life and Teachings, by contemporary scholar Steven J. Rosen, makes the profound truths of this confidential knowledge easily accessible for an English language audience. In his well-researched text, modern readers—spiritual practitioners, scholars, and seekers of knowledge alike—will encounter a treasure of hitherto unrevealed spiritual teachings, and be able to fathom sublime dimensions of ?r? Chaitanya’s method. Using the ancient texts themselves and the findings of contemporary academics, Rosen succeeds in summarizing and establishing ?r? Chaitanya’s life and doctrine for the modern world.

1. The Gau??ya Tradition: From Veda to R?dh?

2. ?r? Krishna: Enter the Dark Lord

3. ?r? Gaura Tattva: From Black to Gold

4. The World of Bhakti

5. The Nectar of the Holy Name

6. ?ik????akam: Eight Beautiful Prayers

7. Gau??ya Ved?nta: Inconceivable Unity in Diversity

8. ?r? Chaitanya and Other Traditions

9. R?m?nanda R?ya: The Viceroy of Devotion

10. R?g?nuga-bhakti: ?r? Chaitanya’s Special Gift

Afterword: Mah?prabhu Comes West

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