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Grassroots Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiatives

Theory and Praxis on the Front Lines
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Kawser Ahmed
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This book shows how meso-level community-based leaders perceive social conflict issues holistically and use peacebuilding activities to transform conflict. These leaders and their works have the potential to bridge existing gaps between policy makers and grassroots activists in Winnipeg.
Grassroots Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiatives examines how change is affected in society by studying the experiences of community leaders involved in social activism in Winnipeg, Canada. Documenting the peace-building activities of a host of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), it explores how these activities are used strategically to impact conflict transformation related to issues such as racism, inequality, and extremism in local settings. Due to its combination of a theoretical foundation and first-hand accounts of actual peace-building projects, this book is a highly useful resource for understanding policy and praxis related to peace-building, and a significant contribution to the literature on peace and conflict studies and policy formation.



Chapter One: Winnipeg—My Home

Chapter Two: Working for the Common Good: Leaders of Community-Based Organizations as Peacebuilders

Chapter Three: Winnipeg’s CBOs in Peace-building and Conflict Transformation: Strengths and Weaknesses

Chapter Four: Faith Matters: Winnipeg’s FBOs Special Role in Peace-building and Conflict Transformation

Chapter Five: Doing Whatever is Needed to Be Done: Moving Beyond Theory to Practice

Chapter Six: Where Do We Go From Here? Key Research Findings and Future Research on Social Conflict and Peace-building

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