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Passport to Delicious and Simple Holiday Eating

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Diana Johnson
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This book helps those holiday makers-whether at home, at the holiday home, or overseas-to produce nutritious, relatively inexpensive, and quickly cooked meals. It is especially for those who want to spend less time over a hot stove and more time enjoying the area, the fun, and the company. Whether you choose to holiday at home, at the seaside or in the mountains, each area will have special ingredients that you would love to make the most of.
With this book, Diana has also indcluded to help you take advantage of these. Much local produce is great on its own-for example, top wines, tree ripened stone fruit in the summer, not to mention the trout in the streams and lakes. She has included recipes for breakfast cereal, suggestions and recipes for picnics and platters, salads and pastas, trout, desserts for summer and winter, and drinks and also included some handy tips for holidaying in an extreme climate, including staying safe on the roads and on the water. Winter or summer, you will find she has included delicious foods, and whenever possible, she has tried to avoid weighing ingredients. She hopes you will enjoy this book and your holidays with lots of happy memories.

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