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The Order of Controversy

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Katherine Betham
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The Order Of Controversy
Written from the perspective of the Author Katherine Betham, The Order of Controversy was created and inspired by the Authors love of Hip Hop, Rhythm & Blues and Reggae Music. Encapsulated within Abstract, Illustration and Photographic Art created in the remembrance of the late Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) by various artist inspired by the late Picasso.

A rhythmic Journey within a jungle of issues

Controversy unravels subliminal messages from the day she was ridden off on horseback (literally on face book) Remember Fia maua sao? From the fire of face book and into the realm of twitter new Author Katherine Betham, @kathbetham24 emerged.

It is a metaphoric expression portrayed through The Minds Eye of Picasso. Controversy is a Spiritual relationship, physical connection with a twist of frustration from forever chasing perfection

Tuu mea ua tuanaI ae mo le lumanaI. 24 Poems written in the style of sonnet, ode, lyric and spoken word

Controversy was written from A river of emotion, intuition with spiritual and philosophical undertones that runs deep into a water fall of murky confusion The author shares her determination and total faith of overcoming personal obstacles to achieve and move forward within her 2nd Poetry Classique The Order Of Controversy

Author Katherine Betham dedicates another poem from Tupac Shakur, When Your Hero Falls to her 4 children; Liam, Jamie, Blaine and Elyse. Thank you for giving me the hardest time ever and for the many sleepless nights from worry and for the fun and laughter (at Mums expense. He he) no regrets Family

Thank you all for your love and support.

My love of Tupac Shakurs work as an artist is for his poetry, his life of change and love for his Mother not for his gang affiliations. I hope you enjoy reading KB.

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