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Black Stone

Onneyn Morris Tahi; an Autobiography
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Miriam Leah Adomea
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This autobiography gives the readers a glimpse into the events prior to and immediately after the country of Vanuatu became an independent nation. It is a historical account of the determination and drive of the people who pioneered the way forward for a nation (that had been under a condominium rule for decades) to become independent of colonial powers. It is a firsthand account of a man who was involved in the changes, the struggles, and the emergence of a people whose voice prior to this turn of event was not heard and whose interests were not taken into consideration. Most importantly, the nation came out struggling to do the right thing by its citizens. Misbehavior by the elected members of Parliament was dealt with and a code of practice established as a constant reminder that they were put in their position by the people and for the people of Vanuatu.
Vanuatu sets a good example of keeping their leaders accountable. The recent action in adherence to the laws regarding corruption was possible only because leaders were called into accountability right from the start. This comes through the pages of this autobiography.

The Vanuatu coat of arms and the national anthem echo the desires of the people of Vanuatu for their leaders. As long as the anthem is sung, it serves as a reminder that the nation was founded on Christian principles and will continue to uphold Christian principles because righteousness exalts a nation (Proverbs 14:34).

Long God yumi stanap!

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