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Mere Anarchy

Dreams, Nightmares, Questions, and Futures
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Daniel E. Lambert
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"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. . ."

Those words still ring true today; perhaps more now (in the adolescence of the twenty-first century) then at any other time in the nearly one hundred years since they were first committed to paper by Irish poet William Butler Yeats. Mere Anarchy is a collection of stories describing the dreams, nightmares, questions, and futures of a restless mind and a restless age. In these pages, Daniel E. Lambert transports you to times and places where the intellect of a great detective is copied into a robotic body, a jade statuette bends the fabric of time, a college student communicates with otherworldly visitors through her unusual hair style, and a con man is stung by the product of his own devious magic. Open this book and enter the world of Mere Anarchy: a world with no longitude, no latitude, no road map, and no easy way out.

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