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The Lemon Drop Didn’T Melt

A Tricia Gleason Novel
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Mark Henry Miller
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The Lemon Drop Didnt MeltA Tricia Gleason Novel
Mark Henry Miller
Tricia Gleason, about to start a new ministry in Snoqualmie, Washington, knows that good ministry includes preaching that doesnt cure insomnia, a caring presence with members especially when they hurt, and helping people grow in their beliefs. She takes a good first step toward each of these goals. She comforts a woman abused in marriage, she consoles an engineer whose boss demeans her, and her first sermon was the topic at the Snoqualmie Coffee Shop.
What she didnt know made a difference and it was not for the good. She didnt know that every confidential conversation was not private. She didnt know the unseen listener wrote notes of the confidences and shared them in the church and with the neighbors. Trust was replaced by betrayal. Affirmation became rejection.
A church member at worship one Sunday shouted at Tricia for being untrustworthy. Two days later the irate member was shot dead. The revolver was found in Tricias closet. Tricia is charged with murder, and the future is bleak. Her shadowed menace is delighted how he has orchestrated the charges and triggered doubt and mistrust everywhere. Homicide charges push her to the end of her rope. She tries to hang onbut may not make it.

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