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Deadly Diversions

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Ronald Bullock
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Whilst atrocious weather covers Northern England, housewife Jenny Sylvester is home watching TV with her daughter Christine and her youngest Jackie in bed.Late into the evening,the one thing that every woman married to a long haul trucker is horrified at the thought of,that this one thing could happen,this one thought!. Always in their minds that could tear their lives apart.The Ring of the doorbell or the ringing of the telephone late at night.Well this horrifying thought suddenly turns into Deadly Reality for Jenny and her daughters.With her husband Mack on his way up to Scotland driving his huge 32ton artic (rig)truck and the weather across Northern England getting worse by the minute. Suddenly Jenny and her daughter Christine are are startled by the ringing of the doorbell!...

Looking at her daughter and at the same time she fearfully answers the door,upon opening the door she is shocked and scared now as she sees one of her husbands work collegues standing there in the pouring rain.Upon asking him in she then finds out that what she has dreaded happening all of the years she has watched her husband Mack going out into the night in all of the worst kinds of weather to drive his huge
rig(truck) all the way to Scotland through the night.Now fearing for his safety listening to what Mack's collegue has to say.The Nightmare begins!..."and life as she knows it suddenly begins to dissappear!...

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