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Miracles of God's Love

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Catherine J.M. Hughes.
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This book contains the testimonies of Catherines experiences, which are profound miracles of Gods love.
Catherine was fourteen and in her foster home. After a nightmare one night, she had an awesome vision and an encounter with the mother of Jesus. From the age of seven, she had been to a Church of England Sunday school with her next-door neighbour Noreen, so she knew about the stories of Jesus, but she did not know anything about the Catholic Church.

But the main, most awesome event occurred when she was seventeen.

From Page 9
Suddenly I was going full speed down a tunnel, and I felt safe as though God was taking me somewhere. Then I came to a light so bright and dazzling. I arrived at a beautiful garden rich in colour, with fresh grass, flowers, trees, and streams. Clear golden roads led to mansions in the distance, and young people were talking and children playing in fields and gardens whilst angels flew all around. It was paradise, and the sound of music was everywhere, with a complete sense of peace and love. Then there came a bright light, and Jesus appeared.

These and other miracles changed Catherines life. There is another miracle related in this book about a statue and prayers that the Lord gave her to help her grow closer to him.

Catherines second book, A Flickering Light Becomes Aglow, follows on and contains the full stories of Catherines life experiences.

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