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Mind and Belief V

The Purpose of the Human Mind.
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Eugene Breen
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This book is the latest in the series The Human Mind and Belief. It is akin to an impressionist painting with ideas scattered all over the text, much like the artist daubs brushes of varying colors on the canvas. The image comes to light from a distance and forms a deep impression. The basic theme is that in order to get a life, you gotta believe. It discusses work and music and the human mind, among other topics, and peers at the deeper meaning of these realities. It is a playful teasing of man, much like a cat plays with a mouse before devouring him! By leading man on a merry dance through some of his interests, and by distracting him with his own things, the clinical eye of the writer and reader observe man when he thinks no one is looking and so reveals himself in his true colors. What you see is in the eye of the beholder and many poor uneducated blind people see the truth of life when thus confronted by man in his underwear, whereas many educated intelligent clear-sighted people do not.

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