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Deadly Deals

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K. L. Godwin
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Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe DRM [Hard-DRM]

Grace, a troubled character, but more commonly known as Ace in her profession for being one of the worlds most renowned assassins, is mysteriously recalled to an old English manor, which used to be secretly used to train other assassins by the evil genius Lord Edward Hamston.
A meeting takes place within the manor, where Grace horrifyingly finds herself in a life-threatening dilemma. She and four other world-class assassins are forced to work together against their will, to complete a series of assassinations that are practically suicide missions, to be able to save their own lives.

Through Graces journey, friction and bonds are formed among the assassins as they uncover that these assassinations are not quite what they seem. They unearth secrets and stories that reveal more about themselves and their boss, Lord Hamston. Grace learns more than what she wishes to do so, and it turns her world upside down. Will these assassins pull through and survive?

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