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The Lodge of Valour

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Tom West
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This is the sequel of Into Africa.
It is based on firsthand actual life experiences.

It expresses how a parent nurtures and develops a personality of their child in a story, with authors inserts to express the more difficult situation to bring them into clarity.

The incidents and actions continue standing out with heroic justice but are connected with a complete series of a narration of true events of a recently separated family on an intercontinental business trip, including a pleasurable family holiday. Love grows pure between two young children, which follow each other through continents. They accidentally experience birth, death, and horror of impending danger. It is layered with death at the beginning of a nation going to war. It tells the remembrance of an incident at Victoria Falls rock-climbing expedition that turned into murder and the Elephant Hills Lodge in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe before the rebuild.

An addition is a connection with the secret society of the Masons and a brief insight to their craft. It also tells of the SAS, men of valor.

It is a five-star book for all ages.

The Lodge of Valour:

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