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The Mathematics of Forgiveness

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Samuel Kwabeng Boateng
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Forgiveness is for every human being, irrespective of ones religion or race or colour. It is the bridge we all need to walk on one day. Therefore, he who cannot forgive breaks the very bridge over which he himself must pass.
To forgive is just a seven letter word, but it is something that takes years to learn how to do it well and properly.

We have seen a lot of ugliness in life, from an unwillingness to forgive. We have heard many stories about many family feuds due to unforgiving. Husbands and wives who wont forgive, find their marriage drifting apart more and more.

The Mathematics of Forgiveness is a book written to make an impact in your struggle to forgive those who have offended you and to help you to forgive yourself of any guilty conscience.

There is no lasting peace if you forgive your offenders without forgiving yourself. Let us learn to build bridges over our problems, and not walls to avoid them. On the road to forgiveness we may have to remember all the horrible things that happened to us, but lets allow forgiveness to close the door of vengeance on them and set us free, and set them also free.

We can close the door on our past hurts even if the memory still exists. Dont put yourself and the person you are keeping in prison. Turn the prison key and let both of you go free.

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