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Clifton Cameron
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Guanaboa Vale is situated in rural West Central St Catherine and is owned by the Hudson family. In Guanaboa Vale there are one petrol station, a police station a post office, an Anglican Church, Guanaboa Vale All Age School, a cottage for the principal to live, the Hudson residents at Elmo and Belmount. The Hudson is the major employers for residents who lives in and aroung Guanaboa Vale. There were also eight Barraks on the property for people who works with the Hudson. Guanaboa Vale and Barry District are two small districts in West Central St Catherine Jamaica. The property have chicken farms, oranges, cows and sugar cane. In the colonial period, there was a sugar cane factory at Guanaboa Vale, there is also a river that ran through the Hudson property. The reason for me writing about Guanaboa Vale is because Old Road residents all attended school there.This story have relevance to Guanaboa Vale because Old road District was established after slavery was abolished and the land was cut off from the property for free slaves to start their new life. After all its where Troy went to school.

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