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Pathway to the Seventh Sense

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Rebecca Louise Silcox
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Stuck in a loveless marriage, Kelly Lewis is leading a chaotic, stressful life until she meets a handsome stranger at a bus stop. Can he be the one to save her? Paula Ferris, Kelly's best friend since their childhood, is in trouble as her abusive husband wants to kill her! Soon Kelly is drawn deep into a nightmare as her journey leads her down a strange path and she is forced to look and see, listen and hear, touch and feel for the first time to see the truth in all her life's current situations. Full of passion, intrigue, fear, crime, and suspense, her story will have you waiting with bated breath to know the final outcome to a series of traumatic events that happen as she steers a path. Kelly begins to develop a supernatural sixth sense! What draws Kelly to the white wolf? Is it just a figment of her troubled mind or something more sinister?

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