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The Horrors of Mental Health

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Cassandra Darlington
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Hello, my name is Cassandra Darlington. Im twenty years old. My book is based on my life story and the horrors that I went through for thirteen years with mental health illnesses. Ive had audio hallucinations since I was seven. At the age of seven, I tried to kill my two-year-old sister because this voice was blackmailing me. I did what I was told. I became a distant child. This is what Ive written so far, but as the story goes on, it gets scary, gripping and thrilling, as I start to see a demon and how it all came about. I have two chapters for you to read and see what you think. I hope I get my book published because I want my horror to be known as a result of my mental illness and to hopefully benefit other people. I have so much more to write. Im hoping on writing twelve chapters. I hope you like what Ive written so far, as my family and friends and even strangers have read it so far and thought, in their words, Its a gripping story, and it leaves the question to them of what happens next. They all said they would buy my book! Lastly, Im just out of the mental health hospital. Ive finally got my diagnosis after thirteen years. So I could end my story on my recovery or I could write it as a sequel, but thats up to you!Hope you take me and have my dream become a reality.

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