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Luke Miller

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Martin Hughes
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An action-packed read that offers plenty of excitement. -Kirkus Review

The plot is intriguing and original, and it unfolds at a quick and even pace. Even the most minor characters are imbued with unique personalities, faults, and foibles.
-Foreword Clarion

Luke Miller had it all. Good looks, intelligence, a perfect family! But his frequent run-ins with the school bully, Jaxon Torres, the sudden break- up of his parents and getting suspended from school leads to him running away from home only to get lost in the great Everglades wilderness after a hurricane hits. After weeks of wandering he is found, barely alive on a remote tree island. However, he finds himself trapped by a gang of hardened criminals along with Adam, the boy who found him, as they await their chance to escape. Will Luke make it out alive? Will he ever see his family again as he gets embroiled in a spiral of events that could get him killed?

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