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The Righteous Branch

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Pastor Charles Lucky Ngerem
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The righteous branch is an engraved word of God which speaks of three unified cardinal points of life, the resurrection, the restitution and the rapture. It is an open revelation of the true life of the worldly man who gave himself to the will of devil. It spoke at large of how devil deceived man from the reality of life into the belief of vanity and empty glory of the earth. The spirit of God spoke expressly, that there is a magic influence upon the world, a dark shield covering the inner vision of the natural man, thereby making his sight myopic of the vision of eternal glory. The spiritual insight of the word of God has revealed that when the glorious light shall come, then there shall be a fall away of the weak. Those things that are shaking shall be removed and the perfect shall remain, the man of perdition shall be revealed, there shall be no hiding place for the disobedience of God.The righteous branch explores on the exceeding love of Christ to the world. Why he redeemed man from his pathetic state. It elaborated what man should do to inherit the kingdom of God. Also mans allegiance to Christ for the price of his death on the Calvary.

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