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The Unspoken

Book 1: the Reunion
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Join Draemen, a warrior regimentarian from the planet Gruce, on a thrilling adventure that takes place in the distant future. It begins when he is approached by some outer worldly beings and told the world-shattering news that they represent the creators of his species. They go on to say that his people were engineered by them through genetic manipulation. They later convince him to help them fight the scourge that they face on their home planet, Ether (Earth). They go on to say that their world was attacked by benevolent beings who make the same claim that they made to him. Ethers invaders claim that they were also their creators, saying that they are their gods and that they created them in their image as a slave race long ago. The strangers tell Draemen that they call their worlds invaders the Unspoken. They tell him that his race and his people were engineered for the specific purpose of defending them if ever something of this magnitude were to happen. Join Draemen in this adventure with lots of thrills as he assembles the team he would need to combat this scourge, the strangers from Ether face.

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