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Torment of "Julio, Descent from Poitvese"

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Isaac Mampuya Samba
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In short: a man stuffed of the diplomas; but which did not have the chance to take a job based on his qualifications precisely; and that he could not: be content with being a mere agent monitoring; a man whose his godmother was not stopping to her shenanigans; a man whose his poor mother kept echoing and thus suffer the effects of hers sufferings upon him; a man whose his companys Supervisory not stop bothering him little, because he was beginning to seniority; which cost dear to the boss, for premiums; a man witch one, his little sisters didnt stop little insidiously and relentlessly engage them fighting butt; a man whose his womanishstar is nymphomaniac hot could not stop to make him see all the colors, thus providing almost daily crispy shows scenes of households the various penguins; which were eager to see such shows and they even ask for again and again. And: stories of diplomas; to stories of godmother; to stories of a poor mother; to stories of a partnership Monitoring; stories in fighting butt; and stories a raunchy nymphomania shrew; it inevitably leads to something that looks more like for example: Torments of JULIO, Descent From Poitvese Progeny ; Which torments just have simply become the title of this monograph.

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